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Avaya 1403
Avaya 1408
Avaya 1416
Avaya 1416
Avaya 1600
Avaya 1603
Avaya 1603sw
Avaya 1608
Avaya 1616
Avaya 1120
Avaya 1120e
Avaya 1140e
Avaya 1150
Avaya 1150e
Avaya 1220
Avaya 1230
Avaya 1210
Avaya 1692 IP Conference Phone
Avaya 2033 IP Conference Phone
Avaya 4690 IP Conference Phone
Avaya 2490 IP Conference Phone
Avaya 2402
Avaya 2410
Avaya 2420
Avaya 302c
Avaya 302d
Avaya 3616
Avaya 3626
Avaya 3631
Avaya 3641
Avaya 3645
Avaya 3701
Avaya 3711
Avaya 3720
Avaya 3725
Avaya 3810
Avaya 4602
Avaya 4602sw
Avaya 4602sw IP
Avaya 4610
Avaya 4612
Avaya 4620
Avaya 4620 IP
Avaya 4622sw
Avaya 4625
Avaya 4625sw
Avaya 5402
Avaya 5410
Avaya 5420
Avaya 5602
Avaya 5610
Avaya 5620
Avaya 5621
Avaya 6408
Avaya 6416d+M
Avaya 6416d
Avaya 6424d
Avaya 6424d+M
Avaya 9408
Avaya 9500
Avaya 9504
Avaya 9508
Avaya 9600
Avaya 9601
Avaya 9608
Avaya 9610
Avaya 9611
Avaya 9611g
Avaya 9620
Avaya 9620c
Avaya 9620l
Avaya 9621
Avaya 9621g
Avaya 9630
Avaya 9630g
Avaya 9640
Avaya 9640g
Avaya 9641
Avaya 9641g
Avaya 9650
Avaya 9650c
Avaya 9670
Avaya 9670g
Avaya bcm50
Avaya cs1000
Avaya Definity Phone System
Avaya eu24
Avaya g250
Avaya g350
Avaya g430
Avaya g450
Avaya g650
Avaya IP 406
Avaya IP 500
Avaya IP Office 400
Avaya IP Office 403
Avaya IP Office 406
Avaya IP Office 412
Avaya IP Office 500
Avaya IP Office 500 v2
Avaya s8300 Server
Avaya s8400
Avaya s8500
Avaya s8700
Avaya 1151C1
Avaya 1151D1
Avaya IP 400 Analog Trunk 16 Port
Avaya IP 400 Digital Station 16 V1
Avaya IP 400 Digital Station 16 V2
Avaya IP 400 Phone
Avaya IP 400 Phone 16
Avaya IP 400 Phone 30 V1
Avaya IP 400 Phone 31
Avaya IP 400 Digital Station 30
Avaya IP 400 Digital Station 30 V2
Avaya IP 400 SO8
Avaya IP 403 Office
Avaya IP 406 Office
Avaya IP 406 Office DS V2 A=LAW PCS 07
Avaya IP 412 Office A-LAW
Avaya IP 412 Office PRI
Avaya IP 500 EXP MOD Phone 30 PCS01
Avaya IP 500 EXP MOD Phone 30 PCS02
Avaya IP 500 Office
Avaya IP 500 V1
Avaya IP DECT 3701 3711
Avaya IP Office SML OFF ED 2T
Avaya IP Office SML OFF ED 4T
Avaya IP400 Phone 8 V2
Avaya IP406 Office
Avaya IPO 500 2U TRUNK
Avaya IPO 500 EXP MOD Phone 30 PCS 01
Avaya IPO 500 EXTN CARD DS8 PCS 03
Avaya IPO 500 EXTN CARD Phone 8
Avaya IPO 500 PRI 1U TRUNK CARD – PCS 02
Avaya IPO 500 TRNK BRI 4 UNI PCS 04
Avaya IPO 500 TRUNK BRI 8 UNI PCS 05
Avaya MM312
Avaya MM314
Avaya MM340
Avaya MM710 TI/EI
Avaya MM711
Avaya MM712
Avaya MM712 BRI
Avaya MM712 DCP VH7
Avaya MM714 ANALOG HV10
Avaya MM714B ANALOG HV23
Avaya MM720 BRI HV6
Avaya MM720 HV5
Avaya MM720 HV8
Avaya SBM24
Avaya TN2147C
Avaya TN2181
Avaya TN2181 (2W)
Avaya TN2181(2W)
Avaya TN2182
Avaya TN2182B
Avaya TN2183
Avaya TN2214B
Avaya TN2214CP
Avaya TN2215
Avaya TN2224
Avaya TN2224
Avaya TN2224 CP
Avaya TN2302AP
Avaya TN2312BP
Avaya TN2400
Avaya TN2464
Avaya TN2464 BP
Avaya TN2464 CP
Avaya TN2464BP
Avaya TN464F
Avaya TN556B
Avaya TN568
Avaya TN744
Avaya TN744D
Avaya TN744E
Avaya TN760E
Avaya TN771DP
Avaya TN777B
Avaya TN786B
Avaya TN793CP
Avaya TN798B
Avaya TN799 DP
Avaya TN799C
Avaya TN799DP
Avaya TN802 B – MAPD
Avaya TN2182
Avaya TN2185
Avaya TN2214
Avaya TN2214
Avaya TN2312 BP IPSI
Avaya TN2312AP
Avaya TN2312BP IPSI
Avaya TN2400/TN2401
Avaya TN2404
Avaya TN464E
Avaya TN464GP
Avaya TN468B
Avaya TN468F
Avaya TN572
Avaya TN586
Avaya TN747B
Avaya TN750C
Avaya TN780
Avaya TN8412AP
Avaya TNCCSC-2
“As a telecommunications engineering company our business relies on fast efficient service, and Sterry Telecoms delivers that every time. I have dealt with Matt Sterry for many years and he has always gone above and beyond to source and deliver the highest quality reconditioned equipment next day.”
Andy StensonSenior Telecoms Engineer, Top Telecoms Engineers
 03333 580 888
“Sterry Telecom have been a supplier to our business for a number of years now and continue to be a key partner. We have experienced a significant rate of growth which they have been able to support through the provision of equipment of the highest quality and exceptional service, sometimes with very short notice!”
Mat BeaverManaging Director, Darwin Group
"We have dealt with Matt for over 10 years and have always found him a great source of information, ready to help solve whatever equipment issues we have. He offers keen prices and an excellent service, highly recommended."
Andrew HiltonBAM Construction
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