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Mitel 12-0601 7100 Management Access Point
Mitel 13-0600 2740 Management Access Point
Mitel 13-0602 Management Access Point
Mitel 2610-0044-02/Jc Centigram 70
Mitel 50000374 5010 Ip Phone
Mitel 50000380 5020 Ip Phone
Mitel 50000581 5140 Ip Appliance Dk Gry
Mitel 50000983 3100 Integrated Communication Platform
Mitel 50000987 3100 Icp Expansion
Mitel 50001265 3300 Controller
Mitel 50001268 3300 Controller
Mitel 50001269 3300 Asu
Mitel 50001271 3300 Universal Nsu
Mitel 50001275 3300 Bri Nsu
Mitel 50001543 Boardroom Dark Mouse
Mitel 50001900 5303 Conference Phone
Mitel 50002080 48vdc Eternet Pwr Adapt Uk 240v
Mitel 50002815 5201 Ip Phone Dark Grey
Mitel 50002816 5205 Ip Phone Dark Gery
Mitel 50002817 5215 Ip Phone
Mitel 50002818 5220 Ip Phone Single Mode
Mitel 50002824 5448 Ip Key Module Pkm
Mitel 50002825 5422 Pkm Interface Module
Mitel 50003072 5550 Ip Console Black
Mitel 50003162 3100 Integrated Communication Platform
Mitel 50003731 5220 Ip Phone Dual Mode
Mitel 50003790 5215 Ip Phone
Mitel 50003791 5220 Ip Phone Dual Mode
Mitel 50003812 5207 Ip Phone
Mitel 50004190 3300 Mx Controller
Mitel 50004198 Line Interface Module
Mitel 50004310 5235 Ip Phone
Mitel 50004459 Ip Conference Saucer – Dark Grey
Mitel 50004461 5310 Side Control Unit
Mitel 50004640 3300 Cxi Controller
Mitel 50004890 5212 Ip Phone Dual Mode
Mitel 50004894 5224 Ip Phone
Mitel 50004942 3300 Mx Controller
Mitel 50004991 3300 Universal Nsu
Mitel 50005050 Navigator
Mitel 50005070 5330 Ip Phone
Mitel 50005071 5340 Ip Phone
Mitel 50005080 3300 Mxe
Mitel 50005090 3300 Mxe
Mitel 50005093 3300 Cx Ii Controller
Mitel 50005094 3300 Cxi Ii Controller
Mitel 50005096 3300 Cx Controller
Mitel 50005097 3300 Cxi Controller
Mitel 50005103 16 Port Ons
Mitel 50005105 Asu Ii
Mitel 50005112 Asu Ii
Mitel 50005300 24vdc
Mitel 50005301 48vdc Etnt Pwr Adpt 100-240v 50-60h
Mitel 50005320 48vdc
Mitel 50005321 5310 Ip Conference Module
Mitel 50005383 5560 Ipt
Mitel 50005402 Cordless Accessories Module
Mitel 50005404 Wireless Headset W/Charging Cradle
Mitel 50005421 5302 Ip Phone
Mitel 50005662 Ip Pkm Interface Module V2
Mitel 50005664 5324 Ip Phone
Mitel 50005731 24 Port Onsp
Mitel 50005804 5330 Ip Phone
Mitel 50005847 5312 Ip Phone
Mitel 50005942 Icp Controller
Mitel 50006093 3300 Cx Ii Controller
Mitel 50006094 3300 Cx Ii Controller
Mitel 50006191 5320 Ip Phone
Mitel 50006211 3300 Mxe
Mitel 50006321 8528 Telephone International
Mitel 50006322 8568 Telephone International
Mitel 50006474 5320e Ip Phone
Mitel 50006476 5330e Ip Phone
Mitel 51009840 Wireless Lan Stand
Mitel 51009841 Gigabit Ethernet Stand
Mitel 51011571 5304 Ip Phone
Mitel 51015283 5610 Cordless Dect Handset
Mitel 51015390 Ip Dect Stand Gateway Unit Euro
Mitel 550.8622 8622 Black Ip Display Phone
Mitel 551.856 8560 Digital Phone
Mitel 57001900 Superconsole 1000 Power Supply
Mitel 580.1000 5000 Ip Main Cabinet
Mitel 580.1001 Dei Ip Expansion Cabinet
Mitel 580.1003 Hx Controller
Mitel 69898 Openphone 27
Mitel 9115-500-000 Superset 420
Mitel 9132-025-102-Ba Superset 4015
Mitel 9132-025-202-Ba Superset 4025
Mitel 9132-150-102-Ba Superset 4150
Mitel 9132-150-202 Ba Superset 4150
Mitel 9132-200-200 Superset Pkm48
Mitel 9132-200-202-Na Kit Pkm Universal Dark Grey
Mitel 9132-250-100-Na Sim1-Pkm Universal No Adapter
Mitel 9133-000-010-Ba Superconsole 2000 White
Mitel 9180-305-000-Na System Fail Transfer
Mitel 9189-00-403-Ba Superconsole 1000
Mitel 9400-200-113 Sx-2000
Mitel 9400-200-124 Dsu Node (Ac)
Mitel 9400-300-301-Na Eng Ref/Fiber Interafcemodul
Mitel 9400-300-306 Sx-2000 Hard Disk Drive
Mitel 9400-300-312 Control Resources Card Iii
Mitel 9401-000-024-Na Music On Hold
Mitel 9401-000-024-Sa Music-On-Hold/Paging Unit (Dnic)
Mitel 9504-000-028 Millennium 410 Phone Dark Grey
Mitel 9504-001-003-Gb Imagination Iii/5
Mitel 9504-001-004-Gb Imagination Iii/14
Mitel Mc211aa Main Controller Ii
Mitel Mc214aa Main Control Card Iii
Mitel Mc215aa Main Controller Iiir
Mitel Mc215ad Main Controller Card Iiie
Mitel Mc243ba Circuit Switch Matrix Ii Card
Mitel Mc263aa Ds-1 Formatter
Mitel Mc264aa Cept Formatter Card
Mitel Mc270aa Pri Dual Link
Mitel Mc312aa PerIPheral Switch Controller
Mitel Mc312ab PerIPheral Switch Control Ii Card
Mitel Mc321ac Ops Line Card
Mitel Mc323ba 12 Port Cov Line Card
Mitel Mc323bd 12cct Cov Superset Extension Card
Mitel Mc330aa 16 Port Digital Line Card
Mitel Mc330ab Digital Line Card
Mitel Mc340aa Ls/Gs Trunk Card
Mitel Mc340ac Ls/Gs Trunk Card (8 Port)
Mitel Mc341ca Did Loop Trunk Card
Mitel Mc342bb E&M Trunk Card
Mitel Mc410aa Superset 7dn Control Card
Mitel Mu190cd Superset 700 Console Keyboard
Mitel Mu190eb Superset 700 Console Keyboard
Mitel P9132-025-202-Ba Ss4025 Dk Gry Backlit
Mitel P9132-200-200-Na Pkm48 Dark Grey-Universal
“As a telecommunications engineering company our business relies on fast efficient service, and Sterry Telecoms delivers that every time. I have dealt with Matt Sterry for many years and he has always gone above and beyond to source and deliver the highest quality reconditioned equipment next day.”
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“Sterry Telecom have been a supplier to our business for a number of years now and continue to be a key partner. We have experienced a significant rate of growth which they have been able to support through the provision of equipment of the highest quality and exceptional service, sometimes with very short notice!”
Mat BeaverManaging Director, Darwin Group
"We have dealt with Matt for over 10 years and have always found him a great source of information, ready to help solve whatever equipment issues we have. He offers keen prices and an excellent service, highly recommended."
Andrew HiltonBAM Construction
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