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Polycom 1465-42340-001 Soundpoint 24v Power Supply
Polycom 1668-31001-002 Cx700 Ip Telephone
Polycom 1668-31206-001 Cx5000 External Dial Pad
Polycom 1668-31207-001 Cx5000 Satellite Microphone
Polycom 1668-40122-001 Conference Unit Power Injectors
Polycom 2200-06325-102 Soundpoint Pro Se-225
Polycom 2200-06630-001 Nortel 2033 Poe Interface Module
Polycom 2200-06640-001 Soundstation Ip 4000 Conference Phone
Polycom 2200-07242-001 Soundstation Vtx1000 Subwoofer
Polycom 2200-07880-102 Soundstation 2w
Polycom 2200-08894-001 Viewstation Quad Bri Isdn External Interface Module
Polycom 2200-11331-122 Soundpoint Ip 301 SIP
Polycom 2200-11341-122 Soundpoint Ip 301 SIP
Polycom 2200-11531-001 Soundpoint Ip 501 SIP
Polycom 2200-11700-025 Assy,Top,SpIP Expansion Module
Polycom 2200-12320-025 Soundpoint Ip 320 SIP
Polycom 2200-12330-015 Soundpoint Ip 330 SIP
Polycom 2200-12360-025 Soundpoint Ip 321 SIP
Polycom 2200-12360-045 Soundpoint Ip 321 SIP
Polycom 2200-12365-025 Soundpoint Ip 331 SIP
Polycom 2200-12375-001 Soundpoint Ip 335 SIP
Polycom 2200-12375-025 Soundpoint Ip 335 SIP
Polycom 2200-12430-015 Soundpoint Ip 430 SIP
Polycom 2200-12450-001 Soundpoint Ip 450 SIP
Polycom 2200-12450-025 Soundpoint Ip 450 SIP
Polycom 2200-12560-001 Soundpoint Ip 560 SIP
Polycom 2200-12670-122 Soundpoint Ip 670 SIP
Polycom 2200-16000-001 Soundstation 2 Non Expandable
Polycom 2200-16155-015 Soundstation 2 External Mics
Polycom 2200-16200-102 Soundstation 2 Expandable
Polycom 2200-19000-001 Soundstation Duo
Polycom 2200-31000-025 Cx200 Usb Desktop Telephone
Polycom 2200-31400-025 Cx700 Ip Telephone
Polycom 2200-32500-025 Cx300 Usb Desktop Telephone
Polycom 2200-33080-001 Soundstructure C8 Video Conferencing Device
Polycom 2200-40040-001 Ex-Microphone Kit
Polycom 2200-42740-025 Assy,Pwr Kit, Psu+Pic,SsIP600
Polycom 2200-44300-025 Cx500 Usb Desktop Telephone
Polycom 2201-00450-901 Universal Power Module For Ac4600
Polycom 2201-00698-002 Soundstation Microphone Kit
Polycom 2201-01900-001 Soundstation Premier
Polycom 2201-02138-001 Soundstation Premier Microphone Kit
Polycom 2201-02601-101 Soundstation Premier Satellite
Polycom 2201-03308-103 Soundstation Ip Conference Phone
Polycom 2201-03308-901 Ac4600 Ip Conference Phone
Polycom 2201-06415-602 Soundstation 2 Direct Connect Interface Module
Polycom 2201-06415-604 Soundstation 2 Direct Connect Interface Module
Polycom 2201-06846-001 Voicestation 100
Polycom 2201-06861-013 Universal Module For Voicestation 100
Polycom 2201-07142-001 Soundstation Vtx1000
Polycom 2201-07155-001 Soundstation Vtx1000 External Microphones
Polycom 2201-07156-002 Soundstation Vtx Universal Module
Polycom 2201-07156-602 Soundstation Vtx Universal Module
Polycom 2201-08894-101 Viewstation Pvs-Xx19-Q
Polycom 2201-08900-191 Viewstation Pvx 16xx
Polycom 2201-11500-001 Soundpoint Ip 500 SIP
Polycom 2201-11501-001 Soundpoint Ip 501 SIP
Polycom 2201-12330-001 Soundpoint Ip 330 SIP
Polycom 2201-12630-001 Soundpoint Ip 650 SIP
Polycom 2201-15100-601 Soundstation 2 Non Expandable W/O Display
Polycom 2201-15600-001 Soundstation Ip 6000 Conference Phone
Polycom 2201-15942-001 Cx600 Ip Telephone
Polycom 2201-16050-122 Soundstation 2 Universal Module
Polycom 2201-16050-602 Soundstation 2 Universal Module
Polycom 2201-16050-622 Soundstation 2 Universal Module
Polycom 2201-16200-601 Soundstation 2 Expandable
Polycom 2201-17050-622 Voicestation 300/500 Universal Module
Polycom 2201-17120-601 Soundstation 2 Direct Connect
Polycom 2201-17910-001 Voicestation 300
Polycom 2201-19000-001 Soundstation Duo Conference Telephone
Polycom 2201-19300-001 Soundstation Ip Multi-Interface Module
Polycom 2201-21674-201 Vsx 7000 Subwoofer
Polycom 2201-21763-002 Vsx 3000 Video Conference System
Polycom 2201-22230-001 Vsx 7000e Base Unit
Polycom 2201-22298-202 Vsx 7000 Pal Camera
Polycom 2201-24984-001 Hdx Plink Case With Quad 4 Port Bri Card
Polycom 2201-30900-001 Soundstation Ip 5000 Conference Phone
Polycom 2201-40040-001 Soundstation Ip 7000 Extended Microphone
Polycom 2201-67800-101 Soundstation 2w Expandable
Polycom 2201-67810-101 Soundstation 2w Dect
Polycom 2201-67840-101 Soundstsation 2w Microphone Kit
Polycom 2201-67880-101 Soundstation 2w
Polycom 2202-35003-001 Soundstructure Tel1 Interface Plug In Card
Polycom 2215-44340-102 Assy,Pwr Kit, 24v/2kv Uk
Polycom 2301-16375-601 Soundstation 2 Avaya 2490 Conference Phone
Polycom 2305-06350-001 Soundstation Premier 550d Definity Direct Ex W.Mics
Polycom 2344901 Kirk Wireless Server 1500
Polycom 2363300 Kirk Wireless Server 600/3
Polycom 2431000 Kirk 5020 Dect Handset
Polycom 2583-50011-002 Picturetel Sejin Wireless Keyboard Swk-8653wt
Polycom 3301-00450-101 Universal Power Module
Polycom Gfp121da-120100-1 Power Adapter For Soundpoint Pro Se-225
“As a telecommunications engineering company our business relies on fast efficient service, and Sterry Telecoms delivers that every time. I have dealt with Matt Sterry for many years and he has always gone above and beyond to source and deliver the highest quality reconditioned equipment next day.”
Andy StensonSenior Telecoms Engineer, Top Telecoms Engineers
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“Sterry Telecom have been a supplier to our business for a number of years now and continue to be a key partner. We have experienced a significant rate of growth which they have been able to support through the provision of equipment of the highest quality and exceptional service, sometimes with very short notice!”
Mat BeaverManaging Director, Darwin Group
"We have dealt with Matt for over 10 years and have always found him a great source of information, ready to help solve whatever equipment issues we have. He offers keen prices and an excellent service, highly recommended."
Andrew HiltonBAM Construction
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