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Siemens 4sla
Siemens 4slamdule
Siemens 4slamodul
Siemens 5020
Siemens 8sla
Siemens A400
Siemens A580
Siemens A580 ip
Siemens A580ip
Siemens A58h
Siemens As 410
Siemens As180
Siemens As285
Siemens As28h
Siemens C300
Siemens C300a
Siemens C470
Siemens C470 ip
Siemens C470ip
Siemens C47h
Siemens C590
Siemens C595
Siemens Euroset 2005
Siemens Euroset 2015
Siemens Euroset 5005
Siemens Euroset 5010
Siemens Euroset 5020
Siemens Gigaset a400
Siemens Gigaset a580
Siemens Gigaset a580 duo
Siemens Gigaset a580 ip
Siemens Gigaset as180
Siemens Gigaset as280
Siemens Gigaset c300
Siemens Gigaset c470
Siemens Gigaset c590
Siemens Gigaset c595
Siemens Gigaset dl500a
Siemens Gigaset dx800a
Siemens Gigaset e500
Siemens Gigaset s685
Siemens Gigaset s795
Siemens Gigaset sl400
Siemens Gigaset sl400a
Siemens Gigaset sl785
Siemens Hicom 100e
Siemens Hicom 150
Siemens Hicom 150e
Siemens Hicom 300
Siemens Hicom 3000
Siemens Hipath 1100
Siemens Hipath 1120
Siemens Hipath 1150
Siemens Hipath 1220
Siemens Hipath 2000
Siemens Hipath 2030
Siemens Hipath 3000
Siemens Hipath 3000 manual
Siemens Hipath 3250
Siemens Hipath 3300
Siemens Hipath 3350
Siemens Hipath 3500
Siemens Hipath 3550
Siemens Hipath 3700
Siemens Hipath 3750
Siemens Hipath 3800
Siemens Hipath 4000
Siemens Hipath 500
Siemens Hipath 5000
Siemens Hipath 540
Siemens Hipath 540
Siemens Hipath 580
Siemens Hipath 8000
Siemens Hxgm2
Siemens Ivml8
Siemens Lmo
Siemens Ltucx
Siemens Mf001
Siemens Multiline 16e terminal
Siemens Openstage 15 sip
Siemens Openstage 15 t
Siemens Openstage 20 hfa
Siemens Openstage 20 t
Siemens Openstage 40
Siemens Openstage 40 hfa
Siemens Openstage 40 sip
Siemens Openstage 40 t
Siemens Openstage 60
Siemens Openstage 60 sip
Siemens Openstage 60 t
Siemens Optipoint
Siemens Optipoint 400
Siemens Optipoint 410
Siemens Optipoint 410 economy
Siemens Optipoint 410 economy
Siemens Optipoint 410 economy plus
Siemens Optipoint 410 entry
Siemens Optipoint 410 standard
Siemens Optipoint 410 standard
Siemens Optipoint 420
Siemens Optipoint 420 advanced
Siemens Optipoint 420 economy plus
Siemens Optipoint 420 standard
Siemens Optipoint 500
Siemens Optipoint 500 advance
Siemens Optipoint 500 advanced
Siemens Optipoint 500 basic
Siemens Optipoint 500 economy
Siemens Optipoint 500 entry
Siemens Optipoint 500 expansion
Siemens Optipoint 500 standard
Siemens Optiset e
Siemens Optiset e advance
Siemens Optiset e advance
Siemens Optiset e advance plus
Siemens Optiset e advance plus
Siemens Optiset e advanced plus
Siemens Optiset e basic
Siemens Optiset e basic
Siemens Optiset e headset
Siemens Optiset e headset adapter
Siemens Optiset e key module
Siemens Optiset e mem
Siemens Optiset e memory
Siemens Optiset e memory
Siemens Optiset e standard
Siemens Optiset e standard
Siemens Optiset headset
Siemens Optiset memory
Siemens Optiset memory
Siemens Optiset standard
Siemens Sla
Siemens Sla 16 card
Siemens Sla 16 n
Siemens Sla16
Siemens Sla24n
Siemens Sla8
Siemens Slas8
Siemens Slc16
Siemens Slc16n
Siemens Slma3
Siemens Slmo
Siemens Slmo
Siemens Slmo2
Siemens Slmq
Siemens Sltls4
Siemens Slu8
Siemens Srdm2
Siemens Stls2
Siemens Stls4
Siemens Stlsx2
Siemens Stmd
Siemens Stmd2
Siemens Svmi-4
Siemens T24 module
Siemens Tla2
Siemens Tla4
Siemens Tla8
Siemens Tml8
Siemens Tms2
Siemens Tms2m
Siemens Tn2lp
Siemens V24/1
“As a telecommunications engineering company our business relies on fast efficient service, and Sterry Telecoms delivers that every time. I have dealt with Matt Sterry for many years and he has always gone above and beyond to source and deliver the highest quality reconditioned equipment next day.”
Andy StensonSenior Telecoms Engineer, Top Telecoms Engineers
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“Sterry Telecom have been a supplier to our business for a number of years now and continue to be a key partner. We have experienced a significant rate of growth which they have been able to support through the provision of equipment of the highest quality and exceptional service, sometimes with very short notice!”
Mat BeaverManaging Director, Darwin Group
"We have dealt with Matt for over 10 years and have always found him a great source of information, ready to help solve whatever equipment issues we have. He offers keen prices and an excellent service, highly recommended."
Andrew HiltonBAM Construction
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